Hello and welcome to KingBirder - the first online photography contest to combine the skills of birding with photographic capabilities.  My name is Tom Younkin, I am the Founder and Creator of KingBirder. 

For virtually my entire life, I have been captivated by birds.  It started when I was a very young boy at my grandmother’s house in Sag Harbor, NY.  She and I would watch ringed-necked pheasants and northern bobwhites come to her feeders each morning.  I still can clearly recall the splendor of the male ringed-necked pheasant!

Fast forward to the college years.  The plan was to attend Cornell University and make a life-long career studying birds.  Unfortunately, Cornell had other ideas.  As an alternative, I chose to study business at URI and figured I could continue birding as a hobby.  Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed a successful sales career in the enterprise software industry.  I still birded wherever and whenever I could while having a busy career and raising a family.  But the passion for software sales never matched my passion for birding. 

Starting about three years ago I began photographing birds.  This added a whole new dynamic to my interests.  I quickly became as enthusiastic about bird photography. 

Finally, I decided that the time was right to quit my job and focus on creating a venture around birding and bird photography.  KingBirder is the result!  I have created an online contest that requires the entrant to use some skills to find the bird before taking the photo.  Everyone in the contest starts with a clean slate.  You must locate a bird(s) that fit the contest theme within the contest dates.  KingBirder will be awarding more cash prizes per year than any other online contest, $32,000 per year.  This should get your competitive juices flowing! 

For those of you maybe not quite as competitive, we also have a desire to become a birding and bird photographer community as well as a contest site.  We will be interested in learning more about why you are passionate about this wonderful world of birds.  This is also a site where you can come and appreciate the beauty of birds. 

Finally, we are excited to give back to bird conservation efforts.  Ten percent of all contest revenue will be donated directly to land preservation non-profits such as The Nature Conservancy or American Bird Conservancy.  I hope that you join or community and have some fun along the way!


Thank You, 

Tom Younkin