KingBirder Announces, Kingbirder Superlatives for "It's a Shore Thing"!

KingBirder Superlatives are a new and fun addition to the It's a Shore Thing contest!  We have been receiving some amazing images so far and we hope to collect many more before the contest close date on October 31st.  In addition to our five primary cash awards, contestants can also win a free KingBirder hat or t-shirt of their choice by winning a KingBirder Superlative award!  Here is the list of superlative categories:

Best Photo Title

-  Best Close Up

-  Best Shot of a Bird Feeding

-  Most Unusual Bird

-  Most Artistic 

Photos that already have been entered are also eligible to win a KingBirder Superlative.  Good luck to everyone!

Check out further details here,